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The New FG Roberts Gluten Free Cottage Loaf Mix


gluten free pizza focaccia

A flat baking tray or pizza tray; a sturdy spoon; a spatula and a plastic mixing bowl (plastic helps keep the dough warm).

FG Roberts Cottage Bread Mix, some yeast, white vinegar, oil, and hand hot water.
Plus your favourite pizza and focaccia toppings all diced up and ready to go.

Pizza Topping Suggestions... pizza toppings
tomato paste, tasty grated cheese, mozzarella cheese, diced ham, fine slices of polish sausage, slices of bacon, pre-baked chicken pieces, sliced tomato, capsicum, onion, anchovies, diced olives, chopped parsley, black pepper, finely diced chili, egg

Focaccia Topping Suggestions...
extra virgin olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, anchovies, dried herbs, black pepper, rock salt, sesame seeds



The three keys to successful yeast baking are always.....

            1. a top grade active yeast
(beware old yeast in cupboards and 'Out-of-date' shop bought ones)
            2. accurate measuring
(digital scales for flour & liquids are highly recommended)
            3. warmth  
(keep everything warm throughout the process as a cold dough can take forever to rise)


For a small size, medium-crust-base pizza of approx 28cm diameter(plus trimmings)or a small/medium focaccia approx. 1.5cm thick.
200g FG Roberts Cottage Loaf Mix
3g dry active yeast (about 3/4 t/sp)
2-3ml oil (about 3/4 t/sp)
2-3ml white vinegar (about 3/4 t/sp)
245ml warm water 

For a family size medium-crust-base pizza of approx 35cm diameter(plus trimmings) or 2 small/medium focaccias approx. 1.5cm thick
330g FG Roberts Cottage Loaf Mix
5g dry active yeast (about 1&1/4 t/sp)
6ml oil (about 1&1/4 t/sp)
5-6ml white vinegar (about 1&1/2 t/sp)
400ml warm water

The process is as simple as mix, shape, rise, add toppings, bake.
See the Video.

1. Mix (takes about two minutes for a 430g water and mix combination which will make approx. 1 large medium base pizza; or 2 small pizzas; or 2 small focaccia)
    Mix your chosen amount of F.G.Roberts Cottage Loaf Mix with the right amount of warm water and dissolved yeast  according to the batch size you wish. Your dough should be quite thick, soft and stretchy  after a minute or two of hand mixing with a sturdy spoon and a plastic (to keep things warm) bowl.
If you want a larger batch and the mix is too much to stir by hand (which for me is anything more than 2-300grams of mix at a time), use your electric mixer with a dough hook
 or put it all into a home bread machine  to get it to do the mixing part only. dough mixer mixingThis should take about 5-10 minutes (not counting initial warming time if your machine does that as well). Then remove it and continue below...

2. Shape
Tip the soft and damp (but it should not be sticky) dough onto a lightly floured board (timber boards are warmer)  and shape it to make a silky smooth ball. Shaping is where you work around the dough shape lifting the rough edges into the centre and gently squashing them down. Repeat the process while slowly rotating the dough.
 Divide the dough into required portions. Mould each piece into a smooth rounded shape.
Lightly oil the oven trays or pizza trays.
For pizzas, roll dough out to about 2-3ml (1/8th inch) thick round shape. If you have a pizza tray to suit this size, roll doughgluten free pizza base on tray out enough so it hangs over the edge of the tray, then, after putting your toppings on, lift the tray and trim it with a blunt knife so the dough perfectly fits the tray size..
For focaccias, roll out the dough to approx. 1cm (3/8th inch) thick.
Place it onto your warmed and lightly oiled tray or tin with smooth side up.

3. Rise
Cover the dough with a damp cloth and leave aside in a warm spot to rise.  Rising usually takes 45-60 minutes depending on warmth, and yeast quality, and dough thickness.

4. Add Toppings
When it has at least doubled its thickness, add your toppings.
For pizzas, spoon a light coating of tomato paste over the dough leaving about 1-2cm uncovered around the edges. Place on your desired ingredients.  
gluten free pizza risenpaste on pizza

Photo showing small pizza on
a large tray

For focaccia, press holes into the surface of the dough, pour olive oil over the surface and brush around. Place desired ingredients over the surface and press these into the dough with your hands.

gluten free focaccia with oilgluten free focaccia with toppings

5. Bake
... In pre-heated oven for 30-35 minutes.
Suggested temps = gas/electric/fan-forced all around 220-230deg. Celsius.
You’ll have to experiment with your oven so your ingredients and exposed crust bake nicely but don't burn.

During the first 10-15 minutes of baking, your dough will rise another 10-20% (‘oven-spring’)  Allow for this extra height in your oven!

9. Remove
from the oven tray after baking onto a wooden board and cut pizza with a pizza wheel cutter. Allow the focaccia to cool for 10 minutes before serving.
gluten free pizza cutgluten free focaccia cut

Added Crust Browning: Brush on milk around the exposed outer edges of the pizza crust at the fully risen dough stage will also give extra browning to the crust. The oil brushed onto the focaccia will already be adequate for this.

nd instructions.