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 This is now a reality!

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Perfect gluten-free sandwich bread and...

...great for sandwiches 2+ days  without needing to microwave
(also freezes, thaws and toasts well, is dairy-free, nut-free, egg free, potato free, negligible levels of amines and salicylates and has no cane sugar, so is suitable for fructose malabsorption and vegans too)

Click image above to see a loaf made by hand.

GF ploughmans loaf with insert

GF Video Image
        Click image above to see a loaf mixed in a machine

GF multi grain dough
                    Risen Multi-grain Dough in 900g pan

gluten free grain bread lge
                          Very Large Multi-grain  from 900g pan

gluten free baguette with salad
crusty, soft open-textured baguette

gluten free salad roll
Soft, flexible light textured salad roll....or
hamburger bun

(not harsh on the roof of your mouth!...and does not crumble at all)

       A win for gluten free!!!!

inventor cheque
Chris Russell from the ABC TV New Inventors Show and City Mayor Rod Campbell present the winners cheque to Terry Hunter.

Our new gluten free bread mix... which makes a unique flexible dough and irresistible breads,  has picked up FIRST PRIZE in the City of Greater Bendigo Inventor of The Year 2010 Awards held at the Town Hall on the 3rd September.

We did not think we stood a chance amongst the 22 finalists to share in the money and prestige of this very public event. But the 12 judges had obviously done their homework and realized the great need in the community for quality gluten free food... especially bread.

Chris Russell, a judge on the ABC TV show The New Inventors presented the awards and delivered a humorous and insightful address on the importance of supporting inventors in our communities.

We were up against some excellent engineering inventions and other creations but ours was the only food there to sample. So I simply placed breads made with our mix in baskets along side currently available commercial bread samples..... and we didn't have to convince them any further of the need to support the gluten intolerant in our community.

gluten free vienna sandwich 4

Lansell Cottage and FG Roberts  are proud to announce our long awaited  dough-based gluten free bread mix. With 15 years of research and over 800 trial loaves, we believe gluten free bread has now taken a  leap forward.

Being based on a genuine dough rather than a batter, it is now easy to  make soft, light, free-standing loaves, buns, rolls, baguettes, pizza bases and almost anything else you can do with wheat dough.

gluten free turkish rolls buns loaves 

We have also worked hard to make the mix suitable for many with common allergies and so is dairy free, nut and egg free, potato free, contains glucose rather than cane sugar, is low in fat, high in fibre,  is also Kosher and Halal certified and is suitable for vegans/vegetarians.

As you would have hoped, yes the breads made with this mix taste normal (no strong after-tastes), and as you can see above, are very suitable for making sandwiches. 

gluten_free_bread sandwich 1

You can even enjoy them the day after baking without the need to refresh or reform. They will not be dry and crumbly. 

Our non-coeliac testers actually enjoy eating the bread!

The slices toast well - (though they take a bit longer to toast than most wheat breads). The texture is also flexible enough to wrap the bread around a sausage for your BBQ meals.

gluten free bread with sausagegluten free bread vienna lunch

Easy to Make Without a Machine

Although the mix makes a dough very similar to a gluten based dough (soft, stretchy and shape-able... with good 'oven spring'), it has the added advantage of requiring no kneading, but just a quick 2 minute mix, a single rise and bake.       
So it can be made virtually anywhere, with minimal equipment  and effort.                                                        

gluten_free_loaf mg slicedgkuten free bread plaited dough

For those wishing to use bread machines... with all their limitations along with their convenience value, there are some "styles" of machine we recommend.

Very Cost Effective!
With a Recommended Retail Price of just $10.70kg(AUD), and making 3 large loaves per kg...  it will cost you around $3.50 per large loaf. It's even cheaper with bulk buys.

Pies and Pastry...

gluten free apple pie
We have now discovered that this "bread" mix also makes excellent pastry.
Using an ordinary short-crust pastry recipe and just doubling the water amount suggested, the results were unexpected and very pleasing.
For more photos and further comments click here.

Navigate around to find easy instructions for all sorts of bread favourites like

* Vienna and high-top loaves,
* crown and cottage loaves, 
* multigrain and fruit loaves, 
* buns, rolls and baguettes, 
* pizzas and focaccias,  

with hints and tips, sales outlets, bread machine information and more. gluten free bread collage

To see lots of photos of breads made with the new mix... 
click here

To contact us direct...
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We'll try to get back to you as soon as is humanly possible!

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inventor cert
Most unexpected but very welcome encouragement for those involved in developing gluten free food and potentially more local employment.

About Us            Lansell-Cottage
Lansell Cottage        Industries , in Central Victoria, Australia,  is a family run business which has had a special interest in gluten free bread making for over 15


Some ten years ago we produced a good quality gluten free bread mix which was designed to work well in bread machines. It has been available around Australia since then and many customers were delighted with this 
earlier mix.

But from the earliest years we have been experimenting and researching the possibility of producing a mix that responded like a gluten based dough. This would make the bread mix extremely versatile and most bread-like.

We're happy to say that now we are no longer  reliant on the tin shape to hold the bread in shape... which is the usual thing for a batter based mix.

So with some degree of persistence, and a short memory for failure, we have been able to achieve what for many years was thought to be impossible... a genuine dough based gluten free bread.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we are.

1kg bags
5kg cartons
12.5kg bags

maize starch, rice flour, soy flour,veg. fibre, dextrose, thickener E464, salt, thiamine, enzyme


I absolutely love your awesomely brilliant Long Life cottagewhite bread mix!! I used the Amaizing Bread mix for many years and was very happy with that, however, when the new easy-to-use Cottage bread mix came out I thought I had died and gone to Heaven!! Bread that tastes like last. My partner, who incidentally is not a Coeliac, loves it just as much as I do and can’t wait for the loaves to come out of the oven to cut the hot crusts off and smother them in butter....yuummmm!! 


I made the bread last night – AND it is AWESOME!!!!
 Kristina, I recommend it 1000% (that’s a thousand, not a hundred!), it is yummy, has no smell or taste that GF bread from the shops have, and it is really easy to make!......

Dana (one very happy girl!)

I bought a 12.5kg bag of the bread mix and some yeast and now I have a problem......... from being a coeliac who hardly ate any bread I can now hardly wait for my next hit!  This mix is so easy to work with and from my first batch has been absolutely perfect and has more than met expectations.  I never thought I would get to eat a piece of crusty bread with a soft pliable centre again.  Thank you so much.  I have so far provided three others with enough flour mix and yeast to try.  I hope it is a raging success for you and if you end up with an outlet in Canberra please let me know.

Best wishes,…Mary

"Just want to say thankyou for the gluten free bread (mix) you guys have made. I was sceptical of the claims made on the website after being dissapointed by so many other brands. Yours is absolutely fantastic! Congratulations."


"Making this extremely appetizing and versatile gluten free bread mix is very rewarding.  I now have a new hobby! I am so delighted with the  mix that most times I bake, I take samples of bread, fruit buns and rolls to other people who have a gluten free diet. I still can’t help smiling as I bite into the wonderful gluten free bread rolls I am now enjoying for lunch."
Ken W

"I have just made a batch of bread rolls using your fantastic, new bread mix and am stunned. They were easy to make, but better still they were light, soft, tasty and virtually indistinguishable from wheaten rolls. In fact my lunch guests ate two in preference to the nice wheat rolls I had purchased from the bakery for the wheat tolerating members of the party. Well done and thank you. At last I can make and eat bread that is versatile and yummy. I can’t wait to try making pizza and focaccias.

 Thanks for all the hard work that must have gone into developing this wonderful product. I will be telling everyone I know about it.

 Best wishes

Jenny F"